Colorado Springs Veterinarians


Colorado Springs Veterinarians

When we started looking at Colorado Springs Veterinarians, quite frankly we felt a bit lost at first. There are a lot of animal hospitals, veterinarian clinics and specialists in the Colorado Springs area. At the end of the day we were able to choose a strong winner: Dr Scott and Corrina Hamann, and the Yorkshire Veterinary Clinic, 800-320-5269.

Here’s the scoop:

Lets start by talking about the good, in case you’re in a hurry for help!

We recommend you visit Dr Scott and Corrina Hamannn, 800-320-5269. This husband and wife team has flying colors reviews from all of their customers.

Dr Scott and Corrina Hamann

It was the passion of their customers that won me over. They offer a range of services for small and large dogs, cats and even exotic animals. Customers who have been going to Yorkshire for years and years rave, and that’s what I look for in a veterinarian. (Call 800-320-5269)

Before I go on let me tell you a little bit about us. We’ve got two boxer-pitbull mix dogs who we love like our children!

Here they are:


Now our dogs, Roxy and Rambo, are terrific little guys. Boxer-Pitbull mixes can be the most loving pets in the world! But they are high energy and they love to run around outdoors…and as any pet owner knows, that can lead to situations that require veterinary attention!

Now Roxy and Rambo are no spring chickens, and Rambo has even been suffering from a bit of joint pain recently so it’s been more and more on our minds to get the best possible care. That’s why we’re comfortable with the rave reviews that customers have given Dr. Scott and Corrina Hamann and we recommend you bring your pets there too! Call 800-320-5269.

Here’s an additional short article that I wrote up while I was doing my research:

In this article we are going to take some time right now to share as much information as we can regarding Colorado Springs veterinarians. Many people who have pets are often wondering the best ways to go about finding a veterinarian such as this, and they want to know certain things that they should even look for in a veterinarian taking care of their cherished pets. So I want to provide some of that information to you right now so that you have a good idea of what you need to do overall in order to find the ideal veterinarian in Colorado Springs. So let’s take a much closer look at this topic right now.

What Specifically Should I Look for in Colorado Springs Veterinarians?

First of all, when you begin to look into Colorado Springs veterinarians, you want to spend some time in the veterinarian’s office and just get a good look around at their general practices and the way they treat the animals. This is obviously very important because you want to make sure that you are taking your furry little friend to a vet’s office that is really going to cherish and care for your pet just as much is you do. So you really want to immediately look for a veterinarian’s office that shows love and compassion toward all of the animals that they treat.

You also want to make sure that the Colorado Springs veterinarians you are dealing with are 100% qualified to take care of animals in a healing capacity. I know you probably might feel uncomfortable doing this, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask the Doctor or other staff members what type of training and schooling they received before they entered into this particular field.

I wouldn’t feel embarrassed about doing this at all because it is certainly a very smart thing to do in my opinion, and there is a possibility that it will make you feel a lot better as well when you are through with your interview and satisfied that the people working at this vet’s office truly know what they are doing and are properly trained to work with pets. So make sure you provide yourself with the right type of peace of mind that will allow you to feel comfortable for yourself and for your pet.

Are Colorado Springs Veterinarians Going to Be Really Expensive?

I really cannot answer whether or not a particular Colorado Springs veterinarians office is going to be expensive. This is something you are going to have to ask directly to the veterinarians themselves. So you might want to track down a few different vet’s offices that make sense for you to visit, and then stop by their office and ask them certain questions regarding finances and the expense of their service.

This is probably going to be the only way you can truly find out how much certain veterinarian procedures are going to cost. Maybe there will be a possibility that they’ll have a website and offer some of their prices on that website, but things can get very specific when it comes to treating animals and I doubt they have all of the different treatments they do listed with a pricing structure already laid out for you.

But if they obviously do then use that information because it solves your problem without ever having to go into the vet’s office prior to bringing your pet their first. So try and gather as much information as you can, but expect to have to go in person and ask some important questions to get the information that you seek.

What Should I Specifically Do If I Do Not Trust One of the Colorado Springs Veterinarians That I Visit?

Well, I guess this all depends on the status of your relationship with this veterinarian at this time. Does the veterinarian already have your pet? Is he or she already providing medical procedures to ensure the well-being of your animal? If the veterinarian is already helping your animal, then I wouldn’t do anything until he or she is done because you don’t want to make waves and potentially cause a problem for your pet unnecessarily.

But I would definitely make it a point to stay away from this office in the future if your gut feeling is telling you that it’s not the right place for you for whatever reason. You don’t even have to know the specific reason if it’s just something that is happening to you on an instinctual level. That is the most important thing you should trust, so take your pet from this vet’s office and don’t go back. That’s the best advice that I could certainly give to you.

If you do not have any previous ties to the Colorado Springs veterinarians office already then you should just trust your instincts as well and avoid this vet’s office altogether. If they continue to call you and ask why you aren’t coming into their office, just tell them that you decided to go with another veterinarian and thank them for their time. If they keep harassing you for whatever reason then you might want to try and get the authorities involved if it’s really becoming a negative experience. If they leave you alone then I would just let them continue to do their thing and you go about your daily life. There’s no reason to make a major issue out of something if it doesn’t have to happen.

Is There Anything Else I Should Be Considering As I Look into Colorado Springs Veterinarians?

Sure, I guess there are other things you should also consider if you want to guarantee that the veterinarian you end up with meets all of your standards. I would take some time to think about some of the things you particularly like about other veterinarians you used in the past, and then try and compare those experiences with some of the other veterinarians you happen to be meeting with right now. This is a good way to judge the people that you are currently dealing with, or are about to deal with, and will give you a good barometer which to measure results by.

What Type of Animals Can I Bring to Colorado Springs Veterinarians?

This is a very good question because you may have some exotic pets, and the Colorado Springs veterinarians you are looking at may not be able to treat all of the various pets out there. So I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of the pets that I can pretty much guarantee the vets will be able to help you with if something were to arise.
They will obviously take care of dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, sugar gliders, parakeets, cockatiels, gerbils, guinea pigs, iguanas, mice, rats, frogs, chinchillas and pygmy hedgehogs.

So those are the basic animals that I believe most Colorado Springs veterinarians will easily be able to take care of. These are your garden-variety pets that I’m sure they see quite often. You could always call the veterinarian’s office and ask them if they take care of your specific type of pet just to be safe if that’s something that concerns you.